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About us

We work to develop technology that
makes it easier to graze animals on pasture, while at
the same time maintaining animal welfare.

Our history

Nofence began in a small Norwegian town named Batnfjordsøra, many years ago when our founder, Oscar Hovde, set about making his idea of virtual fencing for livestock a reality. As the concept grew, so did the interest. The man with a plan soon became people with a purpose: getting livestock out on pasture, like nature intended. And with the help of our customers whose input, innovation, and patience continue to be an integral part of our product development, Oscar’s idea blossomed. Today, we are a team of international professionals with a set of shared goals: to support livestock farmers, improve animal welfare, and restore the fertility of our soil.


Our future


Returning animals to pasture and being able to manage them effectively and efficiently once they are there, is crucial to restoring our soil’s fertility on a grand scale, which is essential for food security in the future – a future where depleting our soil and arable land with synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides needs an alternative. Not only for the sake of our food, but for the climate as well. Our virtual fences play a part in that mission, and we are honoured to be working toward such a positive and world-spanning change alongside our heroes, the farmers.

Our culture


We want the quietly ambitious. The ones who care about their career and their life outside of work. We want those who stand out (and those who don’t), those who are alike, and those who are different. We need colleagues who embrace hybrid working yet appreciate the value of meeting in person and working together. Most importantly, we want kind and dedicated people we can get along with. These are the values we look for – and the ones we hope you will find at Nofence

Lead Management


Joachim Kähler



Lars Kvaalen


Anne Dahle1

Anne Ilebekk Dahle

VP People & Culture

Egil Anonsen

Egil Anonsen

VP Engineering

Anna Maridal

Anna Maridal

VP Product

Synne Foss Budal

Synne Foss Budal

VP Sales

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Victoria Allers Wismer

VP Marketing