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The world's first
virtual fence

Control your herd on pasture, anytime from anywhere. Provide access to healthy pastures, and save both time and money by not having to build and maintain fences.

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Easy access to healthy pastures

In the Nofence-app, you are able to give your animals access to rich pastures and save time and money by not having to build and maintain fences. Create pastures, as well as exclusion zones to close off unwanted areas.

Virtual fence Create, edit and remove pastures

Wherever you are Anytime, from anywhere

Mobile phone From the Nofence-app on your phone

Monitor your animals

The Nofence-app lets you keep an eye on your animals location in real-time, and if anything happens, you will be notified. Locating, monitoring and taking care of your livestock has never been easier.

GPS Locate and monitor your animals

Wherever you are Anytime, from anywhere

Mobile phone From the Nofence-app on your phone

How Nofence works


Download the app and define the pasture


Place the collar on all adult animals


Teach the animals to respond to the audio warning

Mobile phone

Monitor the animals in the Nofence-app

Now you're ready to manage your herd,
at anytime from anywhere

Nofence is the world's first virtual fence for grazing animals. The system consists of an app and a solar-powered collar, where the collar communicates with the app and the web portal over the mobile network. The collar contains GPS technology that provides positioning data.

The fencing function only relies on GPS, but we recommend having mobile coverage in all or large parts of the pasture, so that you can make changes to the Nofence boundary when needed, as well as receive notifications if something happens.

You create the pasture in the app and transfer it wirelessly to the collar that the animals carry. When the animal crosses the Nofence boundary, the collar gives an audio warning. During a short learning period, the animals learn to turn around when they hear the audio warning.

The audio warning starts at a low tone, which increases gradually as long as the animal is outside the Nofence boundary. The animal recognises the tone scale, turns, and returns to the pasture to avoid the electric pulse. The electric pulse is only emitted if the collar has played all the notes in the warning field so that it is recognisable and predictable for the animal.

You can keep track of the herd in real time, and you will be notified inn the Nofence-app if something happens.

Animals interacting with the virtual fence

Nofence events

Join our exciting events where you will learn more about Nofence. At the moment, we are only doing events in Norway, UK and Ireland. To see the events, please press "select country" in the upper right corner. If you can't find your country in the list, select the option "Other".

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