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The world's first
virtual fencing system

Control your herd on pasture, anytime from anywhere.
Provide access to fresh pastures, and save both time
and money by not having to build and maintain fences.

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Easy access to fresh pastures

In the Nofence-app, you are able to give your animals access to new pastures and save time and money by not having to build and maintain fences. Create pastures, as well as exclusion zones to close off unwanted areas.

Nofence map icon Create, edit and remove pastures

Walking person icon Anytime, from anywhere

Mobiltelefon From the Nofence-app on your phone

Monitor your animals

The Nofence-app lets you keep an eye on your animal's location in real-time, and if anything happens, you will be notified. Locating, monitoring and taking care of your livestock has never been easier.

GPS icon Locate and monitor your animals

phone icon From the Nofence-app on your phone

walking person icon Anytime, from anywhere

How Nofence works

download icon

Download the Nofence-app and define the pasture

catlle icon

Place the collar on all adult animals

Sound icon

Teach the animals to respond to the audio


Monitor the animals in the Nofence-app

That's it, now you're ready to manage your herd,

at anytime from anywhere

Animals interacting with the virtual fence

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