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Help Center 

Common Questions

Before calling, go through the check list.
Before contacting customer support we ask you to run a quick test with the collar,
it only takes 5 minutes. This will save time as our support team will ask you to go through the checklist before helping you.

Checklist & Contact us

Have you performed maintenance on your collar?

Many issues are caused by not maintaining your collar. Nofence advises you to follow our maintenance routine once a year to prevent issues.

Go to collar maintenance page

The collar has physically broken.

Before calling customer support we ask you to ensure your collar is covered by the warranty. If you want you can raise a support ticket or call Help and support directly by scrolling to the end of the page.

Updating or changing account information.
Only admin users can change account information such as Billing, Delivery and General Information. This can be done in Account Settings located in Account page, or by clicking the button below:

Update account information


Add and Organise Users on Your Account

Unlock the full potential of teamwork in your account! The user management feature allows you to seamlessly add team members and assign roles tailored to their responsibilities, From account admins, app users and finance administrators.

Manage account users

Updating my user settings.
Your user login settings such as display name, email address & password can be updated in the user setting or by clicking below:

Update user settings

Forgotten password?
Passwords can be a pain, but is a simply fixed. You can reset your password by clicking the button below:

Reset Password

Issues with invoices/payments
If you have issues with your payments, you can view explanations, questions and solutions in the payment page

Go to payment issue

Being charged for more collars that are actually in use.
After the initial 12 month fixed subscription, collars go on a monthly plan. We charge for more than 3 days of usage per month. Collars that are left with the battery in are defined as collars in use. Remember to remove batteries of collars not in use.
For information about your usage click the button below:

View collar usage

New Customer
If you do not have an account and are currently not using Nofence, you can purchase your first set of collars from our online page.

Request a Quote

Existing customers 

If you want to buy additional collars and hardware, we recommend making a request to the US sales team.

Contact US Sales team

New Customer
If you do not have an account and you have bought second-hand collars, you can fill out the account creation form linked in the button bellow.
Account creation form

Existing customers 

If you already use Nofence and you have bought additional second-hand collars you can easily add collars to your account.

Simply press the "+" button located in the top right of the collars page, and any switched on unassigned collars nearby the phone will automatically be detected. 

Please note, that second-hand collars must be unassigned before being added to a new account. Only the previous owner can un-assign a collar.

You wish to close your Nofence account?
You can close your Nofence account by clicking the button bellow and following the steps

Request Account closure

Helpful Shortcuts

Download app
User guide
Report broken collar
System status

Helpful tutorials

Building a good pasture
Fitting a collar
Restarting a collar
Installing a beacon
New season set-up
View more tutorials

Send a support ticket


You can send a ticket directly to Customer Support by filling out a ticket. We will ask you specific question in the form to help us diagnose the issue quickly.

United states
+1 650 514 6711