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    What is Nofence?

    Nofence is the world's first virtual fencing system for grazing animals.

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    Access to healthy pastures
    at the touch of your finger

    With our solution, you as a farmer can flexibly manage your pasture land and livestock on the go.
    No physical fences to set up or maintain.

    How it works

    Nofence Grazing Technology consists of a solar-powered GPS collar and a digital boundary. The collar communicates with our web portal and easy-to-use app via the mobile network. The fencing function only relies on the GNSS positioning system (GPS and GLONASS), but we recommend having mobile coverage in major parts of the pasture for monitoring and control in your app.

    Simply define the area and build your virtual fence. The fence can easily be adjusted or moved, giving animals access to new areas and healthy pastures whenever you decide. If an animal gets close to the boundary, it will hear an audio sound. Nofence trains the animals to turn around on the audio. If it ignores the sound, a weak but effective electric pulse will be given as a last resort.

    Nofence also lets you track your animals' movements and get notifications if anything unexpected happens.



    Nofence Grazing Technology allows animals to use their full potential so we can move towards a more profitable and sustainable industry. These are some of the main advantages of using our system.

    For the animals

    Keeping animals on healthy, varied pastures improves their welfare, keeps them out of dangerous areas and lets them have more free-roaming days. 

    Livestock can roam in rugged terrain where it's hard to put up physical fencing. You can track individual animals to better control their grazing behaviour and make sure they're doing OK.

    For the farmer

    Using Nofence, you can spend less time doing manual work. It's easy to move livestock from one area to another, without having to constantly move physical fences or put up new ones. Plus, you won't have to maintain fences, so you'll save time and money.

    Nofence is perfect for managed grazing. You can easily monitor the animals’ activity and change grazing patterns every day, so you can use pasture more efficiently. This maximizes energy uptake in the grass, prevents overgrazing and benefits the bottom line. Managing virtual fences remotely gives you a new level of control since you can build, adjust or remove them at any time from any location.

    Nofence also gives you less tangible benefits besides increased productivity and profitability. Being able to remotely monitor and manage your animals means you can go on a weekend getaway knowing you can keep an eye on them from the comfort of your smartphone. 

    For the soil

    Well-planned grazing management is key to provide the soil food web with the optimum input of energy, air and water to thrive.

    The soil is the main asset in any farm, and those that invest in the soil using high stocking rate, short grazing period and giving grass sufficient time to recover, improve their net profit in the long term.

    What’s good for your soil is good for your wallet.

    Our UK office and the team
    We are here to help you

    Our location

    Nofence, Agri-Tech Innovation Hub
    Edgemond Newport,
    TF10 8JZ, England

    Contact info

    tel: +44 1952 924044

    m: sales@nofence.no

    Synne Foss Budal Managing Director UK
    Ingrid Amalie Kydland Sales & Marketing UK
    Rachel Fuller Sales & Marketing UK

    The simplicity of our
    Grazing Technology

    No physical installations. No hassle. Nofence.


    1. User-friendly app

    Give access to healthy pastures at the touch of your fingertips, and save both time and money by not having to build and maintain fences.


    2. Animal-friendly collars

    Easily create exclusion zones in the Nofence pasture, in areas you don't want your animals to be.

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