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What is Nofence?

Nofence is the worlds first commercial virtual fencing solution for livestock, where the animals are controlled by GPS-collars and an app.

Virtual fencing

Nofence is the world's first virtual fencing system for grazing animals. Our technology consists of a solar-powered GPS collar and a virtual boundary. The collar communicates with our easy-to-use app and web portal via the mobile network. The fencing function only relies on the GPS, but we recommend having mobile coverage in major parts of the pasture for monitoring and control in the app.

Mobile phone

With a touch of a fingertip, you'll be able to give your animals access to lush pastures and save time and money by not having to build and maintain fences. Nofence also lets you track your animals' movements in real-time where you will get a notification if anything happens with your animals.


Simply define the area and build your virtual fence in the Nofence app. The virtual fences can easily be adjusted or moved, giving animals access to new areas and fresh pastures whenever you decide. You can also create exclusion zones to close off areas of the pasture that you want to prevent the animals from entering. Ideal for managed grazing, conservation grazing and agricultural fencing.


Nofence trains the animals to turn around on audio. When the animal crosses the Nofence boundary, the collar starts playing an audio warning. The audio warning is a scale of tones, which starts at a low pitch and rises gradually as the animal moves through the boundary zone. If the whole scale has been played, a mild, but effective electric pulse will be given. The animal then learns to recognise the audio warning and turns around to avoid the electric pulse.

Brief introduction to how Nofence works


The Nofence boundary

The Nofence app

Locating the animals

Learning process

Moving the animals

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By giving the animals access to good and varied pastures, you increase animal welfare, keep them away from dangerous areas and provide more grazing days.

The animals are given the opportunity to graze in terrain where it is difficult to set up physical fences. It becomes easier to monitor each individual animal, and you avoid animals getting stuck in fences and suffering, or disappearing and not being found until it is too late. 

In addition, virtual fencing do not cause harm to wild animals.

Nofence is excellent for managed grazing. You can easily monitor the animals' activity and change grazing patterns from day to day. This allows you to do conservation grazing, utilising the grazing areas more efficiently, which maximises energy uptake in the grass, prevents overgrazing and cuts costs. By optimising grazing land potential in this way, it may be possible to increase herd size and maximise profitability. 

Remote control of virtual fences gives you far better control, as you can set up, customise or remove them at any time, from anywhere.

With Nofence, you can spend time managing your animals, instead of time-consuming and costly maintenance of physical fences. By using virtual fencing you can easily move the herd from one pasture to another, without constantly having to move physical fences or set up new ones.

In addition to increased productivity and profitability, Nofence contributes to more quality time with the animals. Since you are notified via the app if something happens, you can always feel confident that the animals are where they are supposed to, and that they are well.

With Nofence, you can alter grazing patterns from day to day, enabling animals to move regularly to new pastures as nature intended. Grazing events for each area are recorded in the app, helping you to ensure optimum plant recovery periods are achieved. These benefits mean improved pasture productivity and animal performance without artificial inputs.

Good grazing management is crucial to give the soil optimal access to water, nutrients and light. Those who invest in the soil by facilitating grazing at optimal plant height with shorter grazing periods and good regrowth opportunities for grass, will increase profitability in the long run.