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1. Can you connect via Bluetooth?

You can connect to the collar via Bluetooth by going to the Collars tab in the app. Ensure that location services for both phone and Nofence app is enabled, and that the phone is within 10 meters of the device.

2. Have you restarted the collar?

A restart includes physically removing the battery. Wait a few seconds, and then insert it again. When the battery is reinserted, the collar should emit a start up sound.

If no start up sound, we recommend trying a different battery.

3. Have you performed maintenance?

  1. Remove any dust or mud on the pins of the collar
  2. Clean the battery poles using a Q-tip/Cotton Buds
  3. For the Sheep and Goat Collars apply WD-40 to the poles.
  4. For the Cattle Collars apply Vaseline to the poles.
  5. Reinsert battery.

Still not able to resolve the issue?

If steps 1-3 did not resolve the collar issue, please contact us with the results of the checklist, collar serial number and any other issues with the collar you think will help us.

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