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Tech lead firmware (remote possible)

Work tasks: 

We are very proud to have built an IoT product (a collar for livestock) that delivers a great, and highly practical, value proposition to farmers. It represents the early beginning of a tremendous shift in farming, all over the world. The collars are connected devices for grazing animals that replace fencing. And the main feature is that the product gives livestock better access to pasture. It needs to be comfortable to wear every day, all year. In any weather conditions -all over. Even in the most remote parts of the world.


Some people imagine that the Nofence tech has become mature, and that there cant be much development left to do. Those people are very wrong! No, we see an endless road towards the perfect livestock product. That's why we need to put together skilled and dedicated people that enables our vision of becoming the obvious choice for livestock farmers all over the world.


The tech and the team that you will be responsible for, we call it the Collar Team, is part of a team within Product & Engineering. You will be set to define the Firmware architecture of our future products and build an even stronger team than today.



We look for an experienced firmware developer, hopefully with broad experience on various RTOS and various MCUs. You need to be highly aware of the importance of quality, unit testing and security requirements of an IoT product of this kind.

You will also need to be empathic and lead other people in a way that gives responsibility and space to perform what is expected of them. That way our ability to still work in an agile way in a culture of autonomy and high spirits, even when the team grows, is achievable.


How we work

As a small company that is still in our early stages our way of working is evolving and growing and you will have the opportunity to shape how we do things. That said, there are some core ideas we believe in: 

  • First and foremost we believe in products, not projects. We want to build long-lasting cross-functional product teams that can work autonomously, guided by our high level goals, with considerable freedom in how they approach the problems to solve. 
  • We believe that all our developers need to understand our customers and the challenges they are facing, and to have the chance to visit our customers and experience our solution in action.
  • While our support staff can handle the majority of issues that come in from customers, some cases need investigation by our engineers, and we want to evenly share the responsibility for handling these cases. We believe this leads to more innovation around tooling to make troubleshooting as easy as possible. Don’t worry though, we do not require you to be on-call outside of office hours.
  • We run all our infrastructure in the cloud (AWS), and while we are not there yet, our goal is to have all infrastructure defined in code. We believe that being able to deploy frequently and without worry is extremely valuable, so ensuring that our deployment process is automated and having good testing practices is important to us.
  • We work both in the office and remotely, but we see that as we grow we’re shifting towards more and more remote work. The Product & Engineering team will meet physically at least every 2 months for combined work and social events that are planned to last 3 days each. This is to ensure that we know each other as people and not just as talking heads on a screen.
  • In addition the whole company will meet at least twice a year for similar combined work/social events in the form of a summer party and a christmas party
  • We believe that everyone in the company should strive to make their job redundant because that will make the company more efficient, and get them a better job. Over the years as a startup we have relied on quick and simple solutions that don’t necessarily scale, and we now need to replace these with scalable solutions that can take us to the next level. Software is absolutely key to this.

What we offer

  • The flexibility to work remotely or in the office, depending on what you prefer
  • A chance to work with meaningful technology
  • Participation in our employee stock options program
  • And the usual stuff that you expect, like, you know, getting paid, a pension agreement, 5 weeks of vacation and flexible working hours.


Culture and workplace

Our culture has its roots in the remote north western parts of Norway, and is informal and convivial with colleagues who are passionate about product development, animal welfare and the potential of sustainable agriculture. As our colleague you will be part of an exciting company with enormous ambitions for scaling internationally.

Workplace: CET ±2hours

HQ: Batnfjordsøra, Norway



Oscar Hovde Berntsen, CTO

Tlf: 48 08 32 35



Visit address:

Nofence AS, Evjevegen 8, 6631 Batnfjordsøra


Application deadline: 15th of August