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Virtual fence for goats

Learn about Nofence Grazing Technology and the possibilities it unlocks.

Nofence App

Create virtual fences with the use of your fingertip and get an immediate status update from your animals. The App is available on both iOS and Android.


Easy to give access to healthy pastures


Exclude areas


Monitor your herds

Do you want to be one of the first customers outside Norway?

Please send us an inquiry and apply to be one of the first customers in your country. We will keep you updated on when this will be available for your market.

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Sheep Collar

A robust collar especially developed for sheep and goats. The electrodes made of 3mm chain on each side give sufficient contact when placed into the wool.

Solar Panels

Solar panels on both sides of the collar, which are durable and can withstand rough handling. The effect will not be noticeably affected by scratches on the surface.

GPS Receiver

Nofence uses both the American system GPS and the Russian system GLONASS, to triangulate the position.


Used for both receiving the signal from the Shelter Beacon, turning the GPS receiver off, and for limited cross-device communication.

Motion Sensor

Detects acceleration along three axes. Used for power saving and further development work to give additional insight into animal health.

Mobile Network

Communication to and from Nofence collars will work with 2G for collars bought in 2020 and both 2G and LTE CAT-M1 (4G) for collars bought in 2021.

Rechargeable Battery

10Ah battery is charged by the two solar panels. Easy to replace and secured with a double and independent locking mechanism.

Charger and extra battery

how many extra batteries do you need?

We recommend one extra battery per 5th goat collar.

The average battery life for our Norwegian goats was approximately 3 weeks during the summer of 2019. The span was from 1 week to 3 months. This is significantly better in the 2020 version of the product.

The number of additional batteries you need depends on how frequently you need to change the batteries, and how often you supervise your animals.

Increased battery life can be achieved by:

  • Creating large pastures where the animals spend a significant amount of time at least 30 meters away from the Nofence boundary.
  • Adequate mobile network coverage within the pasture.
  • Access to a lot of sun, preferably open spaces with significant parts of the day exposed to sunlight.
  • Using Nofence Beacons when applicable


How many chargers do you need?

It takes between 8-10 hours to fully charge a battery.

The batteries cannot exceed a 30% state-of-charge when shipped, because of shipping restrictions.

We recommend to fully charge all batteries before before training with Nofence starts.




Do you want to be one of the first customers outside Norway?

Please send us an inquiry and apply to be one of the first customers in your country. We will keep you updated on when this will be available for your market.

Request a quote Pricing

Shelter Beacon

To be used in shelter/barns

From our experience, the Nofence boundary is often close to buildings or shelters. If the animal rests close to these places, it could result in the GPS drifting outside the pasture. The potential consequence of improper use of Shelter Beacons could be warning sounds and electric shocks inside the pasture. Correct use of Nofence beacons makes sure that this doesn't happen, and as an additional benefit, the collars reduce power consumption.

You need one pair of Shelter Beacons for every shelter. For large, or complex barns/shelters we recommend additional beacons. If this is the case, we recommend that you contact our sales team for advice.


Turns the GPS receiver off

When the animal stands within 10 meters of the beacon, the Bluetooth signal will switch off the GPS-receiver in the collar. The signal emitted from the beacon is relatively weak, and could potentially be blocked by obstacles, such as walls or even the animals themselves. The beacon is attached to the roof or on the walls. To achieve success with beacons, the key is placing the beacons so that the collar can receive signals from different angles.


How does Nofence work?

Watch the video below to get more insight into how Nofence Grazing technology works.

Mobile Network coverage

There needs to be mobile coverage in the whole pasture or parts of the Nofence pasture for you to be able to change the pasture or get a notification when anything occurs. The virtual fences function independently of the mobile network and are only dependant on the GNSS positioning system (GPS and GLONASS).