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The price model has an initial investment cost and a pay-per-use running service charge.

Products for cattle

You will need one collar per adult individ in your herd. Calves don’t need collars, as long as they stay close to their mother.

Cattle Collar

£269 Excl. VAT


£44 Excl. VAT

Extra Battery

£74 Excl. VAT

Products for sheep

Our recommendation from an animal welfare perspective, is that all adults wear a collar.

Sheep Collar

£171 Excl. VAT


£44 Excl. VAT

Extra Battery

£36 Excl. VAT

Product for use in shelters/barns

Shelter Beacons are used to shut down the GPS-function on the collars and is required in shelters/barns.

Shelter Beacon

£46 Excl. VAT (sold in pairs)

Watch how the pricing calculator works

Please look at this video to see how the pricing calculator works

Usage fees

To use Nofence, you must pay a usage fee. This fee is decided by the number of collars in use, and how many days on average your flock or herd has grazed with Nofence in the past 365 days. 

A grazing day is registered in our server when the collar has been active (a working battery has been inserted in the collar) and used for at least three hours per day. 

Use the price calculator on the enquiry page to find the expected price for your collars.


Billing for usage

Payment is due every quarter, and is decided by actual usage. This means that you do not need to register the expected amount of grazing days beforehand. 

As a new customer, your collars have a startup bonus of 365 registered grazing days, so you start using your collars with the best attainable price for the amount of collars you are using. After 12 months as a Nofence customer, your price will be adjusted to your actual usage. 

Your price is therefore determined by the average number of grazing days per collar during the first 365 days, which you can calculate using our price calculator

Check the pricing calculator

Pricing Calculator