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Field Stories

Discover what our customers think about our grazing technology.

Cattle Grazing in Forests

On Bredvoll Farm in Norway, close to the Swedish border, Lill and Thomas Bredvoll have had suckler cows grazing their pastures for 10 years. 2019 became a milestone, as they were finally able to take advantage of the massive forest area surrounding them.

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Cattle Grazing Rangeland at Opaker Farm, Norway

Meet Arne Wilhelm Omsted from Opaker Farm, and learn about his experiences with Nofence from the grazing season of 2019.

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Opaker Gård

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Targeted Grazing in Færder National Park

In Færder National Park during the summer of 2019, these sheep grazed rangeland using Nofence technology. The goal was to prevent not only overgrowth, but also to protect several types of endangered plants. Discover how Nofence can be used for targeted grazing in this video.

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Sheep Grazing on Torgersøya

Nofence can increase the harmony between people and grazing animals. In 2019, sheep peacefully grazed around an island community, where grazing had previously been a source of conflict between farmers and cabin owners.

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Cattle on a large mountain pasture

Oddvar Mikkelsen has used Nofence technology for his goats since 2016, and in 2019 he was also part of the pilot project for cattle. Watch this video to learn about his experience with Nofence.

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