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    What is conservation grazing?

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    Grazing is often the most effective and natural way to preserve habitats such as grassland and heathland. It helps to keep areas open and ensures a wider variety of plants and animals.

    In the past, where people cleared land for cultivation and pasture, their grazing animals helped replicate the effects of large herbivores that once roamed the land. Conservation continues this traditional system to help maintain habitats that have evolved over centuries.

    By using a targeted grazing system, where animals graze a particular area for a short period and then move to another area on a rotation, disturbed areas can coexist with areas that are rested and ungrazed. The result is a greater variety of habitats.


    Conservation grazing with Nofence Grazing Technology

    Nofence has been widely used for conservation grazing in the UK, to maintain and increase the biodiversity of natural or semi-natural grasslands, heathlands, wood pasture, wetlands and many other habitats.

    In Norway, we have extensive experience with targeted grazing below power lines to keep the vegetation under control. At tourist destinations, we provide open landscapes and a fenceless connection between people and animals that is simply joyful to watch.