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Sauer med Nofence bragte harmoni mellom naboer på Torgersøya

Publisert 02. des 2019 av Harald Harstad

Sauer med Nofence bragte harmoni mellom naboer på Torgersøya

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Publisert: 01. des 2021
Philip Synnestvedt

How virtual fencing technology helps you transition to regenerative agriculture

To feed the world, protect biodiversity and prevent land degradation, soil improvement will be one of the most critical shifts in agriculture. Ruminants, under the correct management, are essential – virtual fencing technology makes this possible.

Publisert: 05. nov 2021
Philip Synnestvedt

The economic and environmental benefits of managed grazing

Managed grazing means regularly moving livestock to new pastures in a planned way, which avoids overgrazing by providing plants with a rest period to allow them time to recover. Managed grazing has many benefits when done correctly. Within this article, we examine how managed grazing benefits two..

Publisert: 01. nov 2021
Philip Synnestvedt

What are the benefits of virtual fencing?

The world’s grazing lands are limited, and our natural resources need to be better utilised. However, due to labour-intensive and costly management methods – such as traditional physical fencing – pastures are often underutilized.